About EMR

In 2008, we implemented an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System.

The system includes interfaced lab results and full scanning capabilities. The reliable EMR chosen by the group is the Telus Health PS Suite (formerly Practice Solutions Software), a Canadian company based in Ontario.

Better patient care and better provision of medical services to patients were key drivers of change. To meet patient care needs, physicians have timely electronic delivery of test results, computerized data trends and tables, to assist in decision making, and enhanced electronic prescribing. We aim at putting our patients first.

All LifeLabs generated lab results are interfaced electronically into the EMR at the Aurora-Newmarket FHT. This provides us with the fastest access to test results.

Collaboration amongst the Physicians and the inter Health Professionals has been enhanced with the use of our EMR. Access to the latest information regarding your confidential information is more accurate and accessible.

Scheduling appointments, follow ups, and communication between all Providers at the Aurora-Newmarket FHT has been improved with the use of our EMR.

Patients of the Aurora-Newmarket FHT are quick to realize the benefits of this process/system.

Referral Process.

If a referral was sent to a specialist, rest assured that our Admin Team has a standardized process to follow-up on referrals sent from our office. This process starts from the time the referral is sent and continues until we’ve received the consultation note. For urgent referrals, our Admin Team will follow-up with the specialist within one week of sending the referral. For non-urgent referrals, our Admin Team will follow-up with the specialist within 30 days. If you have not heard from our office or the specialists office after 30 days, please feel free to follow-up with us at this time.

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