Privacy Statement

The physicians and team members of Aurora-Newmarket Family Health are not legally permitted to discuss your health care needs, including appointments, test results and referrals with anyone except you, unless we obtain your express (written) consent. We may share your health information without your express consent, with other health service providers who are in your circle of care or to comply with legal and regulatory requirements (e.g. Family and Children’s Services or by Court Order).

The Physicians and team members of Aurora-Newmarket Family Health Team are bound by law and ethics to safeguard your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information (PHIPA).

We collect, use and disclose your personal health information to:

  • Treat and care for you;
  • Receive payment for your treatment and care (from OHIP, WSIB, your private insurer or others);
  • Plan, administer and manage our internal operations;
  • Conduct risk management and quality improvement activities;
  • Teach;
  • Conduct research;
  • Compile statistics;
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements and;
  • Fulfill other purposes permitted or required by law.

Your request for care implies consent for our collection, use and disclosure of your personal health information for purposes related to your care as noted above.  All other purposes would require your express consent.

We may share your health information with other healthcare providers who also provide health care to you. We may at times obtain personal health information or share personal health information about you through a provincial repository in order to provide timely, informed health care to you.

You have the right at any time to withhold or withdraw your consent to disclose personal health information.

We collect and update consent on an annual basis for all patients over the age of 16 years.

For a complete review of our Privacy Policy, or to raise a concern, please contact Mary-Jane Rodgers, Aurora-Newmarket FHT Privacy Officer, at


Additional contact information:
Information Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
2 Bloor Street E, Toronto, ON  M4W 1A8
P: 416-326-3333

eHealth Ontario
P: 1-866-250-1554

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